Calling All Nerds: UFO in Connecticut

According to The Republican-American of Waterbury a State Trooper and some dude reported seeing a large object falling out of the sky in the Litchfield area on Tuesday night. But the cover-up has already started, as local officials told the paper they found no evidence of the “green, glowing object” which was reportedly headed for Bantam Lake. Yes, Connecticut has its very own UFO (Unidentified Falling Object).

Apparently, according to the well-researched, three sentence article it was “the size of a whale.” No word on whether that was a Beluga or a Humpback, but either way… it’s pretty big. Maybe it was an intergalactic Narwhal and it’s now making itself home in Bantam Lake and that’s why no one found anything suspicious. (Bantam Lake is home to many Narwhals.)

I can’t really tell if this picture is of the Intergalactic Narwhal but it was on NBCConnecticut’s story about the space debris without a caption, so I’m just going to assume it is. I invite all our nerds to go all Ancient Aliens on it, and figure out what exactly is going on here. If it’s just frozen hunks of space garbage, I’m not sure I want to know.