Alpaca Murders: Almost Solved

By NixBC, Flickr Creative Commons

Usually when my grandmother tells me the world is going to Hell in a hand basket, I dismiss her. “It’s just the media,” I say. But I haven’t been able to sleep since some senseless alpaca murders last December. Now I can rest a little easier, though, because the alpaca murderers are behind bars.

According to NBCConnecticut:

State police have arrested two Westbrook men accused of killing of several alpacas on a farm in Essex and said more arrests are possible.

Troopers were called to the Applesauce Acres alpaca farm at 99 Bushy Hill Road in the Ivoryton section of Essex around 8 a.m. on Friday Dec. 23, 2011 after four alpacas were found dead.

The animals were “violently killed” and suffered multiple stab wounds, state police said.

Blood covered the ground inside the pen where the animals were held and state police said the animals were definitely killed by a human and were not victims of an animal attack.

Several other alpacas were in the pen, but unharmed, police said.

Not only have my sleep patterns been interrupted but I can barely go get hammered at the Griswold Inn without envisioning grisly alpaca slayings and that makes for a bad night. So, I think the cops should look at these guys for any unsolved serial murders in the state, maybe even call in Prentiss and Morgan from the BAU to profile these guys.