Girl Fight in Yankee Stadium: A New Low in the Sox-Yanks Rivalry

There are any number of reasons why I won’t go to Yankee Stadium, not the least of which is this video in which a chubby Red Sox fan who is obviously looking for a fight gets her ass handed to her by a classy gentleman of the Yankee-fan persuasion who dumps a beer on the “lady’s” head and his even classier “lady”-friend who kicks the Sox fan in the face.


Now let’s be clear, I dislike Yankees fans of all stripes — especially these kind — but when you wear a Red Sox hat to Yankee Stadium (especially on a day when the Sox aren’t even playing) you kind of get what’s coming to you. And the same goes when you dare to wear a Yankees hat into Fenway…ever…


And frankly, if you’re going to start a fight under these circumstances, please don’t embarrass Boston by being a complete puss and letting a bunch of she-beasts in Yankees attire mop up the floor with you. In other words, unless you’re from Southie or Dorchester (and not the gentrified version) please keep your hands to yourself and your ass off of YouTube.