Murder in Poverty Hollow!!!

I once asked the Gay Guru if he ever wondered where Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery get their tales of marriages gone awry. Well, I think I found one thanks to the Newtown Bee. There are so many things about this story that are perfect for a tawdry television news magazine.

Let us first start with the name of road where the crime took place: Poverty Hollow Road. It evokes something out of Winter’s Bone, where backwoods, Appalachian types are scratching out a hard fought existence. Can’t you just hear the voice over now? “Murder in Poverty Hollow…”

(BTW, why does Newtown even have a Poverty Hollow Road? Shouldn’t it be, Lower Middle Class Road?)

And then… there’s the mug shot:

It would appear that Jerry Garcia faked his own death and has been living in Newtown, CT. What is it that Mr. Garcia (aka John Heath) is accused of? Well, killing his wife of course. Here’s what the Bee has to say about that:

Twenty-eight years and one month to the day John Heath told Newtown police he discovered his wife Elizabeth had left their Poverty Hollow Road home and declared her a missing person, he was being arraigned on first degree murder charges at Danbury Superior Court.

Newtown Chief Michael Kehoe, who was a local patrol officer when the missing person case was first reported, announced Heath was taken into custody on April 30 and was being held on a $1 million court-ordered bond pending a May 1 arraignment.

Chief Kehoe said Newtown detectives and support staff had been working tirelessly along with Western District State Police and state’s attorney personnel since the grisly discovery on April 14, 2010, of a skeleton on the property formerly owned by Mr Heath. Those remains were determined to be those of Elizabeth, and subsequent examination of the skeleton determined the victim died from blunt force trauma.

I hope Newtown is ready for the media frenzy that will ensue when 20/20 shows up…