Beach Fight!

From WalkingGeek, Flickr Creative Commons

If you’ve ever been to Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk you’ll know it’s a strange place. The scenery is beautiful but the water is…um…questionable — as is the case with most of the Long Island Sound beaches. Also…it’s in Norwalk, which in itself is a strange place. The  Rowayton section of town is, generally, one of the richest part of the state but in order to get to it, you have to drive though South Norwalk — and I’m not talking about SoNo. I’m talking about the part of Norwalk you see from the train and wonder if you’ve been magically transported back to 1970s Brooklyn… or present0day Bridgeport.

So you can imagine the mix of people you get at the beach. Rich kids with kites that cost as much as my car, your average middle-class kids just looking to play volleyball or bocce, and the kids who come from the neighborhoods filled with abandoned building and men drinking on milk crates in front of liquor stores at 11 a.m. And the mingling of all these kinds of people ends with ridiculous incidents like the one that happened on Memorial Day.

The Hour reported:

Just before 5 p.m. an officer on patrol radioed to dispatch asking for backup at Calf Pasture saying up to 50 ‘kids’ were fighting in the parking lot. That number of alleged offenders jumped to 100 later.

Apparently the kids were dressed in blue and red and so the cops assumed they were gang members. And then, a day or so later, The Hour reported:

The Rev. Nellie Mann … said they wore the colors of the American flag because many marched in the Memorial Day parade to honor veterans.  She said they are not gang members and were racially profiled.

This strikes me as funny and sad. First of all, kids who march in parades tend to be on the young, not particularly threatening side — even if they are having a parking lot scuffle. Though one does wonder how they all got to the beach. You’d think a big group of kids like that would be supervised, but I digress. How sad is it that after marching in a parade to commemorate the veterans who fought for freedom, they got profiled?

I guess that’ll teach them to get into the flash mob version of a neighborhood fight.