Hit and Run and Fall

By Hodgers, Flickr Creative Commons

I’m not real sure how to blame this on Santeria but I’d sure like to try. It seems a Monroe man ran is accused of hitting a woman with his vehicle and then fleeing with her still on the hood…well, technically, she was stuck to the fender. Eventually she fell off and hit her head. For his part, the man claims he did this out of self-defense, even though police say the victim was standing beside a disabled vehicle. Either way, we don’t have a Stand You Ground Law, so you can’t just go around running people down out of “self-defense.” Of course, this all happened in Bridgeport.

Apparently, the victim managed to scream and hit the guy in the face while dangling from the car. So at least we know she didn’t go without a fight.

What we can’t seem to figure out is just how far he drove with her dangling from his car…