Westport’s Answer to Winona Ryder

You know the economy is getting bad when Westport teens are stealing from New Canaan J. Crew’s…

Yes, you read that right. Here’s the official story from the New Canaan Patch:

A 16-year-old female was arrested on June 14 for allegedly stealing a handbag from J. Crew in New Canaan, police said.

The juvenile from Westport allegedly fled the store with the $258 bag, at which point store employees noted her vehicle description and reported to New Canaan police at approximately 12 p.m., police said.

But of slightly more concern, is the detail in which the New Canaan Patch’s police blotter goes into such great detail about some truly boring crimes — like a guy passing a stopped school bus…and how many times they can use the word “allegedly” while writing about a belligerent drunk.