How to Save Money: Grow Your Own Marijuana

These are tough economic times we’re living in. We cut coupons, and shop the bargain racks to save a few bucks. Some of us are planting victory gardens in our backyards…and a select few are growing their own weed. According to NBCConnecticut:

A man accused of running a high-tech marijuana growing operation in his Middletown apartment told police that he was growing it to save money rather than buy it from other people, according to a report from police.

We here at the CuT would like to applaud this man for both being thrifty and having a green thumb. However, we would like to remind him that when you’re growing weed in a closet, you should refrain from summoning the police to your home…even if you’ve been burgled.

Yes, this dude reported a burglary, the police chased him, and when they came back to make sure the coast was clear they found the following:

The windows of Manning’s bathroom were covered in thick black plastic to control the light and heat for the two 3-foot-tall plants in the bathroom closet, police said. Specialty lighting and a thermometer were set up in the closet and three fans were blowing on the plants. In addition to the blooming plants, police 1.76 pounds of dried marijuana leaves and stalks and a calendar in the bathroom that gave instructions on growing marijuana.

Once again we see the real danger of marijuana. Smoking it makes you an immensely stupid criminal.