We’re Back!

Diebmx, Flickr Creative Commons

You may have noticed we’ve been away for a while…or maybe you didn’t. It doesn’t really matter, but we have been…

I’d like to say we had fabulously glamorous summers that kept us from writing stupid blog posts, but that is not the case. If you listen to the Colin McEnroe Show you may have heard me announce to the world that I broke the site. I was trying to update something and before I knew it, we were completely unable to log-in. And until we finally gave up all pretense that we could solve this on our own — or through crowdsourcing on WNPR — and we got our pal from Tech Envy to help us out, we were about ready to just give up on the site all together.

But it gave us some time to think about what this site should be. As Mr. McEnroe likes to point out, we’re rapidly aging. We are no longer “the young people of Connecticut.” We’ve gone from being in our mid-twenties, to being in our early thirties. We’ve gone from being drunk every weekend, to being property owners who have trouble sleeping after a few beers.  More importantly, we’ve got better jobs with more responsibility… and that means we have less time for this site.

So we’re still figuring out how to make the site grow with us… but for now, it’s back up and running… so expect more snarky posts about the news, and restaurant reviews.