Hiker & Dog Find Shallow Grave: Anti-Couric Makes it About Her

Windham Road isn’t exactly a road, but Google maps still seems to know where it is.

I like to walk my dog in some pretty remote parts of Glastonbury. I can often hear guns firing, see deer blinds in the trees, and stumble upon the remnants of teenage debauchery. I’m also pretty sure that Wiccan rituals happen along some of my favorite trails. So I figure it’s only a matter of time before I become “the woman walking the dog” in a story like this.

Police are investigating human remains found along a dirt trail in Glastonbury, according to officials.

The remains were discovered by a woman walking her dog at around 9:34 a.m., Saturday on Windham Road, said police.

After consulting a map, I’m pretty sure that when Queer Theory went on a four hour hike earlier this year, we actually ended up on Windham Road — though we approached from a different direction. Depending on how old the body is, it’s entirely possible that if we hadn’t turned around to head back to our car, we may have found it.

No the most inviting entrance, but since about 30% of Glastonbury looks like a good setting for a horror movie, that’s not surprise.

I think the one thing that might keep me from discovering a body someday is that I tend not to walk in the morning. I’m more of an afternoon kind of hiker, so I figure if there are remains to be found there’s a good chance someone else’s dog will find it first. But the next time my dog seems fixated on something under a log and I have to go trudging into the woods to convince her to come back, I may do it with my eyes closed.

Like our buddy Colin always says, Glastonbury is Connecticut’s answer to Twin Peaks.