Roving Gangs of Huffy Riders

General Wesc, Flickr Creative Commons

Roving teenagers are pretty sinister looking. There’s this shaggy haired kid who rides his skateboard around my neighborhood and I desperately want to pull him over and find out who he’s selling weed to, because I just know he’s up to no good. Groups of teenagers on bikes are even worse, and now a bunch of kids in New Haven are giving us all good reason to profile kids on bikes.

According to NBCConnecticut:

Groups of youths riding bicycles have been attacking and robbing pedestrians in New Haven and police are vowing to stop them.

Apparently, there are large numbers of undocumented workers in the Fair Haven section of New Haven, and when you don’t have papers you also tend to not have a bank account. So, instead, they carry cash around and a bunch of roving youths have figured this out and are relieving them of their cash.

How shitty is that?

So consider yourself warned. If you look vaguely like an immigrant and tend to wander the streets of Fair Haven, you may get mugged by youths on Schwinns. I feel like the rather vocal group of New Haven cyclists should be banding together to do something about this.