Half-Naked Ladies in Hartford Spur Self-Righteous Opinion Piece

AbbyLadyBug, Flickr Creative Commons

Right about now I, your very own Anti-Couric, am rambling incoherently over on Colin McEnroe’s The Nose… probably about this opinion piece from The Courant. The author (who is not-surprisingly a member of the Family Institute of Connecticut) wrote:

During daylight hours, two women pole danced, in a moving, glass-enclosed box truck without seat belts or very much clothing, for the benefit of their employer — an exotic dance bar — along with gawking children and men.

Calling on public officials to denounce, or asking whether such indecent behavior should be legal, is too easy.

She goes on about “women’s lib” and what a shame it is that it’s resulted in the embracing of this “slut culture.” Well, as someone who is more than happy to call herself a feminist, I’d say just about the worst thing you can do is publicly condemn a fellow woman as a “slut” for the choices she makes — even if that choice is to dance in a bikini in a moving fishbowl.

But what I found interesting was how worried the author seemed to be about what this meant for Hartford. She writes:

Untold millions spent by state government and businesses to revitalize Hartford and lure families, conventions and investors to the capital can be easily squandered by Internet photos of nearly naked women pole dancing inside a truck on Main Street.

Really, lady, this is Hartford’s big problem? Apparently it would be a crying shame if Hartford were lumped in with such immoral hell holes as Amsterdam and Las Vegas.

Hartford wishes it was anywhere near as awesome as Amsterdam! Frankly, while I was reading this piece all I could think about was Bourbon Street. If we could turn Pratt Street into a mini-Bourbon Street Hartford wouldn’t be dead at 7 o’clock on a Thursday night.

But then things got insulting:

The problem is apathy and shame. Apathy by downtrodden residents who, it seems, don’t have enough strength between gun violence, family breakdown and the tasks of daily life to effectively oppose sexually suggestive, public pole-dancing.

Hear that, Hartfordites? You’re all so busy figuring out how to pay your bills and keep your kids alive that you’ve neglected your duty to be the city’s morality police!! Frankly, after all the sex-trafficking news that’s come out of this state lately, I think the good people of Hartford would be better off making sure their daughters don’t end up being sold on the Berlin Turnpike.

And no matter what you may think about strippers, you can bet the girls at Kahoots aren’t being held against their will, or having their hard-earned money stolen by pimps who beat and drug them…

But forget sex-trafficking for a minute, lets talk about the real problems plaguing society:

We’ve also allowed ourselves to be shamed into silence. Instead of speaking out confidently (or even discreetly) against drooping drawers, loud vulgar language, exposed undergarments and aggressive cleavages, we’ve allowed ourselves to be quieted by ne’er-do-wells that insist it’s cooler not to care.

Aggressive cleavage? Is that cleavage that bites?

You know, I’ve never understood the allure of strip clubs and I’ve written about it before. But what I don’t get is why men are willing to shell out money for what seems to me an uncomfortable experience. I totally get why a girl would want to make easy money preying on the baser instincts of men…and I can’t hate on them for it.

In fact, lately, I’ve been getting all sorts of good advice and reading materials from strippers.