Ghost Town: The Johnsonville Edition

So, some of you may remember the time PrissyBitch and I explored a Mississippi ghost town known as Rodney. Well, I was flipping through my On Demand menu and found a show called Abandoned that apparently takes a look at crap that’s been left behind. They came to Connecticut and explored Johnsonville, CT. I didn’t get to watch the episode because I don’t get the channel it airs on, but I started doing some digging.

It doesn’t seem all that scary. It’s an old mill village near East Haddam. I’m not quite sure how the town “died” but in the 1960s a guy named Raymond Schmitt bought the property and tried to make it into some weird tourist attraction — and even moved in other historic buildings.

In the 1990s, Schmitt started fighting with East Haddam and the whole thing got shut down and has been sold off piece-meal over the years. Now it’s just sitting there, crumbling. That seems silly as it’s quite beautiful, but I’m bound and determined to visit now–maybe even squat in one of the houses.