Awesome Costumes and Mark Twain’s Ghost at Night Fall

You may have noticed how nippy it was on Saturday — as opposed to Sunday when it was unseasonably warm again — and so you may be surprised that Dr. Gold and I chose to go sit outside and watch Night Fall.  I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s a play, sort of, about the changing of the seasons by Anne Cubberly. In this particular case it was fall to winter, and there were lots of birds — I especially like the blackbird costumes — and the funniest little squirrels you ever saw. A finch, a cardinal, and a blue jay sang some beautiful songs to one another and then there was a giant winter puppet. Chion Wolf and Colin McEnroe chased around the ghost of Mark Twain. Jacques Lamarre was a pumpkin queen.

It kind of defies description. So here are some pictures from Night Fall’s Facebook page.