Election Day in the Constitution State: The Live Blog

Because we know how much you value our liberal opinions, we’ve decided (last minute) to live blog Election Day 2012. While other venues may give you hard hitting, minute-by-minute analysis of the election, we’ll share our personal opinions, annoyances, and the like. Still minute-by-minute, of course.

Asian Persuasion – Manchester – 7: 07 a.m. – Jesus Christ. I have dragged my sorry ass out of bed early to go vote in the morning because I stupidly scheduled things for after work. Why for the love of all that is good have I done this?

Asian Persuasion – Manchester – 8:14 a.m. – There is one sad person outside our polling place with a sign. That’s it. Well, Jason Rojas, your campaign gets a cookie because it looks like all the other candidates just mailed it in. I always forget how bad this school smells — which happens to be the worst performing school in the town, from what I hear. Maybe it’s because of the stench.

Apparently, organizing us into lines by street name alphabetically is extremely confusing to everyone in line with me. Seriously? Street name, not last name, people. Near-hysteria is reigning among the dozen people switching back and forth between lines. An old couple behind me is bickering as to what line they should be in because they live on South Adams, which can also be Adams Street South. Awesome. (It’s under “A”, if you care.)

Did I change my last name with the town? Oh crap, what if I can’t vote? For all my soapboxing and research into candidates…what if I’ve screwed it all up?

The guy checking us in is cheerfully licking his fingers to turn pages and chortling about how he’s contaminating the book. Gross. This gets me to thinking about all the germs on the common marker pen we have to fill the ballots out with.

After being accused by The Pilot earlier of voting straight “Democrat”, I make sure to vote for candidates running under two parties (ie: Democrat and Working Families) under their non-main-party affiliation. I feel smug in circumventing his assumptions. (Come on, I work in the non-profits and the arts, have a gay brother, and am a minority woman…what do you expect?) After submitting my scantron ballot into the machine, I get my sticker and help a hobbly old man make it to his car…wondering if he should be allowed to drive as I watch him pull out a -7 MPH. (Yes, he actually went backward in time.)

BBC is doing something like live blogging too. But I like ours better.

Anti-Couric – East Hartford – 9:47 a.m. – I haven’t voted yet today, but don’t worry, I will. I work from my couch so I can pretty much vote when I feel like it. I’ve been voting via absentee ballot for the past few elections, though, so I have a feeling I’m going to get smacked with a big fat dose of Election Day reality when I show up at my polling place today.

Do you think I can take the dog in with me? Because then I could kill two birds with one stone — the two birds being walking the dog and casting my mostly pointless (in Connecticut) liberal-as-shit ballot.

Anti-Couric – East Hartford – 10:15 a.m. – We’re all sick of political commercials. (I’m especially creeped out by the McMahon one with the CGI Chris Murphy being interrogated by some sort of HR rep.)  But I’ve seen this commercial a few times in the past couple days, and I actually wondered, “Are these people smart enough to vote?”


First of all, I don’t believe either of those people ever voted for Obama. But if they did, lets really think about what this means. All of a sudden that chubby idiot wants a “smaller federal government” after somehow once having believed Obama was just going to “change everything.” I really have a sore spot for people who complain Obama hasn’t done enough… How much mroe do you want people? He repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He somehow passed healthcare reform despite Republicans who were pathologically obsessed with seeing him fail. He signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. He ended one war, and is trying to end the other one. And then there’s the small matter of Osama Bin Laden being killed on his watch. what kind of half-wit actually believes he didn’t usher in enough change?

I think these idiots just jump on whatever bandwagon comes along. One year it’s hope and change, and the next it’s the Tea Party small-government rallying cry.

For the record, if you have a problem with the way things are going in Washington D.C. you should be voting in Democratic members of the House and Senate, because it’s those aforementioned pathological Republicans who are causing gridlock and a general childishness I haven’t seen since recess in the second grade.

Asian Persuasion – Hartford – 10: 28 a.m. – I came in to work to half of the office having voted, and half not having done so yet. One was an absentee voter and she said she hadn’t been to vote on election day in 10 years. But she had gotten her husband to vote for the first time. Interesting.

One co-worker emailed saying they were coming in late because they were voting in MA…WTF? Isn’t that what absentee voting is all about? People baffle me sometimes.

I’m following on BBC because I find it infinitely more interesting. Having just come back from two weeks in Europe, I find the way that they perceive us fascinating and a little disappointing. First, they follow the election. We don’t  follow say, Belgian politics, unless we might be Belgian. Second, thanks to media, we are often portrayed as Muslim-hating, closed minded, homophobic douchebags. Maybe not that harsh, but we are not exactly painted as tolerant to the rest of the world. In Brugge, we had met a group of young men who were got to chatting with about the election. One pointed out that it seemed weird that all the religious right loved Romney because he was Mormon and Mormons believe in polygamy. Muslims believe in polygamy, but these people hate Muslims. He couldn’t make this make sense in his head. DOH!

Anti-Couric – East Hartford – 10:45 a.m. – So, the AP told me about her friends from Brugge when she dropped off some McVities and Belgian chocolate for me. I’ve been thinking about it for days, because something didn’t sit right with me. I mean, it should be clear from my last post in this live blog that I think most people are morons, so I’m not really defending my fellow Americans who tend toward racism, religious zealotry, and obesity. But I have a real problem with the way Europeans perceive us, and so I feel like arguing with them here…

I have often been annoyed that only the most superficial, completely awful parts of our culture get exported. England sends us The Beatles and Adele, and we send them Honey Boo Boo and the Jonas Brothers. Of course they think we’re idiots. But when my family comes over and they hear music that normal, intelligent, adult Americans listen to…they’ve never heard of it. They get the same BS view of our politics. I mean honestly, if you watched our news without context, you’d think rape was the major issue dominating this election — and that most of us don’t know how human reproduction works.

The whole Mormon-Muslim argument also rings kind of false to me. First of all, the main stream Mormon Church (which is insane for any number of reasons) does not condone polygamy. (Clearly they don’t get “Big Love” in Belgium.) And I don’t actually think the religious right “loves” Romney — nor is polygamy the reason they hold a grudge against Muslims. Frankly, I think all the nutty born-agains who loved W. are probably terrified of Romney… which is why he picked Paul Ryan as his running mate. That creepy little alter boy puts the religious nuts at ease. And then there’s abortion… It doesn’t matter to the nutters what weird-ass religion you belong to (and they’re all weird) as long as you are a frothy-mouthed pro-lifer.

The real problem is that narrow-minded morons from Jesusloveyou, KY aren’t good with nuance, so they end up lumping all Muslims in with the psychopaths who blow things up in the name of Islam. (They should watch “All-American Muslim”… I love that show, though their dislike of dogs makes me suspicious. I don’t trust people who don’t like animals.) But when you make a judgement about an entire country (in this case, the United States of America) based on your very superficial knowledge of our culture, then you’re just as bad as the idiots roaming the backwoods of this country.

Asian Persuasion – Hartford – 11:40 a.m. – I’m going to leave the A-C’s rants alone. Mainly because I don’t disagree with them, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Europe does believe us to be Honey Boo Boo loving, homosexual hating, Jesus freaks brewing our own moonshine. Whether it’s true or not isn’t the issue–my point is that this is how they see us.

In any case, I’m trying to keep up with this feed: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-20009190

However, it’s nearly impossible. Instead, let me suggest this article by NPR about etiquette.

Anti-Couric – East Hartford – 1:45 p.m. – I’m back from my voting journey, which included stops at the bank, the grocery store, and the park. Voting was easy, but the last time I cast my ballot in a polling place I did it with one of those sweet old lever booths. I miss those.

There were two ladies ahead of me who were trying to cast provisional ballots — and there was another woman (equipped with full copy of the state voting statutes) who was challenging the poll workers. The poll workers said the ladies needed to go to Town Hall and get presidential ballots, but the woman was insisting that they could cast their ballots there. I briefly thought about causing a ruckus, and accusing the poll workers of voter suppression — mostly just to have an interesting story to tell here — but thought better of it.

Also, I approached my polling place from the wrong direction and the parking lots on that side of the building were closed. I briefly became convinced someone was trying to suppress the rapidly aging white girl vote. Turns out I’m just an idiot.

Anti-Couric – East Hartford – 2:45 p.m. – One of the most fun things about election day is watching your Facebook/Twitter feed for ridiculous stories, predictions, and opinions. Here’s some of the best I’ve come across today:

Hallucinating Shamans Predict Obama Victory

Pennsylvania’s Racist Voting Machines

Nate Silver Makes it Possible for Me to Sleep at Night


Red State Blue State – Can’t we all just get along?

Asian Persuasion – Hartford – 2:57 p.m. – After venturing out from the office to take care of some things for my mother and be a good conservator/daughter, I passed by two polling places in Glastonbury. There were tons of signs and people holding signs outside of them and I felt like my polling place got gypped. Then I almost hit a turkey. Seriously. There were two three foot tall turkeys and just like people crossing a street downtown, one stayed back and the other just went for it. I’m wondering which was Republican and which was Democrat, because clearly the suicidal one is convinced its candidate isn’t going to win and is ready to end it all.

Asian Persuasion – Hartford – 3:10 p.m. – Um, whoa. From the BBC News streaming coverageL


The BBC’s Philippa Thomas in Chicago can give us more on the 21-year-old who voted while in labour with her first child. Galicia Malone gave birth to a daughter and a county official said he wished all voters showed such determination.

Anti-Couric – East Hartford – 5:47 p.m. – I have to get ready to meet the AsianPersuasion (who I’m convinced is actually getting her election day news from The Onion and not the BBC… seriously, did you see the pregnant girl post?). But first I was to talk about this purple t-shirt controversy. Apparently, Linda McMahon has deployed supporters in purple t-shirts to tell everyone that they support Obama and McMahon. (Who the hell are these people, anyway?) Those purple t-shirts, however, seem to be suspiciously similar to the ones union workers who support Chris Murphy wear. Also, those McMahon minions also seem to be handing out cards that look like ballots with Obama and McMahon checked off.


The whole thing seems sketchy. If I were undecided (I’d be an idiot, because I don’t know what kind of spineless idiots still don’t know who they’re voting for as they’re walking into the polls) this tactic would turn me off so fast… Linda – and I feel like I can call you Linda because as of right now, I’ve lost what little respect I ever had – this is Connecticut. You may have noticed that unlike Florida and Pennsylvania we don’t like it when candidates attempt to confuse, or intimidate our voters. This is the land of steady habits (I’m still getting over the loss of the lever machines) and when people try to deploy nefarious strategies to eek out a win… well, we don’t like it.

Is that really how you want to win?

That’s probably a dumb question considering what  you do for a living.

Asian Persuasion – Hartford – 9:24 p.m. – I’ve just returned from happy hour where we mercifully didn’t really discuss politics, save for the fact that we all voted, and then WNPR’s live broadcast o the election at Real Artways. Having never been to something like that, it was interesting to hear and see all the commentary live, as well as be around so many people so “into” the election. There were a lot more hipsters than I expected.

I was impressed that there were panelists from the right and the left. The crowd however, seemed almost all Democrat. I know it’s not that surprising, but still.

In any case, I’m back home now with The Pilot flipping between CNN and Fox and muttering. All I can say is  COME ON FLORIDA! Do we have to do this again??