Election Night Wrap-Up: Gays, and Women, and Weed!

Last night the AsianPersuasion and I hit up Real Art Ways, and sat around watching the folks from WNPR do their political thing… It was a full house with hipsters on bikes, and chatty college students, and old people who drive beat-up Volvos and dress a hell of a lot cooler than I do. As you might imagine, whoops of joy went through the crowd whenever they got “good news.”

They also laughed heartily when some hilarious woman that an NPR reporter had found called Linda McMahon’s strategy of paying young, black kids to wear her t-shirts “Pimping.”

But you all know what happened with the Presidential election, and you probably can guess how we feel about it. Some other really cool things happened last night, though. For instance, Maine, Maryland, and Washington all voted in favor of marriage equality. You may find that impressive, but this trifecta marks the first time the people have voted in favor of gay marriage. Every other time its been on a ballot, it’s been voted down. (You feel stupid now, don’t you, California?)

And as Slate’s XX put it, “There Was a War on Women, and Women Won.” Not only did the rape-is-god’s-will cretin get booted (along with Todd Akin), but women picked up  three seats in the Senate. That includes Elizabeth Warren of nearby Massachusetts who is the state’s first female senator, and the first openly gay woman in the senate (and she just so happens to be from Wisconsin, Creepy Paul Ryan’s home state).

If you’re looking to get high (sort of) legally, it’s time to head to Colorado, which straight up legalized it. Not medical marijuana. It didn’t even “decriminalize” it like we did in Connecticut. They voted to make it legal. Unfortunately, the Federal government doesn’t agree. Maybe all those Republicans who are so in favor of State’s rights will get behind this.

Personally, I fell asleep knowing that Obama had won and wondering why the hell Romney hadn’t conceded yet so I could watch the speeches and get some sleep. So, I watched the concession and acceptance speeches this morning. Four years ago, I was a big fan of John McCain’s (who I still maintain is a smart, logical, moderate man who has been hurt by the conservatives in his party) concession speech. Romney’s was ho-hum…probably because he didn’t bother to write one until 11 o’clock at night. Thank goodness Obama saved the night (or early morning) with his speech.