Anti-Couric Turns Vigilante

Feral Indeed, Flickr Creative Commons

My stepdad works for the town I live in, and so does his buddy’s girlfriend. This morning my mom called me to tell me a bit of news he’d picked up — probably from the buddy’s girlfriend, who lives around the corner from me — about a rash of break-ins in my neighborhood. Now, I’d heard that my cousin’s brother-in-law’s house had been broken into and he lives like a street over from me, but this new information from my mother included a description of the car and the M.O. As far as I can tell, this info is not available to the public. So, I’ve decided that it’s my new goal to solve this crime.

You see, I work from my home, and I wander my neighborhood almost daily with my dog. I feel like I am the perfect person to make a citizen’s arrest…or at least get a picture of the license plate and report it to the police.

So don’t be surprised if you see me on the news, getting some sort of commendation from the governor for bravery.