Greenwich Has Work to Do, Only Ninth Most Expensive Town in the Country

I always wonder about houses with more bathroom than bedrooms. Why is that necessary?

Greenwich’s 06831 zip code is apparently the ninth most expensive in the country, according to 24/7 Wall St. (easily the most detestable website that isn’t run by neo-nazis or Fred Phelps). I’m conflicted about this. On the one hand, the idea that there are $20 million homes anywhere, let alone just down 95 from one of the poorest cities in the country (I’m looking at you Bridgeport) kind of makes me want to throw up. On the other hand, I’m wondering how Connecticut only manage to get one neighborhood on this list.

The Fresh Prince will be happy to know Bel Air rounds out the bottom of the list, while places like Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara also found homes on the list. Lesser known towns like Atherton, CA and Woody Creek, CO also get shout outs. Ross — a San Francisco suburb — and Alpine, NJ beat out New York, NY to earn the distinct honor(?) of being named the priciest towns in the country with media homes prices of $5.3 and $6.7 million respectively. Poor, sad Greenwich’s media home price is a pathetic $2.9 million. We’re guessing the mountain lion problem is bringing home prices down.