Tubing Goes Awry, Five Injured

Youngbudget.ca, Flickr Creative Commons

You, like me, probably assumed that the five people hurt in a tubing accident at Woodbury Ski Area were injured when they hit a jump and were hurled into the air… or they slammed into bystanders… or trees… because that’s how most of us got hurt when we were kids and our parents let us out into the wild on a snow day to entertain ourselves with flimsy pieces of plastic and rubber and icy snow.

But no, apparently, these people were hurt when they were being dragged back up the hill and their tube broke free, raced back down the hill, and they slammed into the lift’s base.


That sounds even worse than the time my friend and I careened off into the woods and slammed into a tree using my rib cage to stop us. Or that time my friend’s dad said, “I think that’s the only guy you haven’t run over” and pointed to a man with a camera…and then we proceeded to run that guy over…


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  1. Was there the day 5 kids were hurt, even though me and my 8 yo daughter had a great time, I can see why people think its unsafe.very little instructions on what to do and not to do. Very few employees on the hills, and overall design is flawed. Hope the state really looks into the safety on this place. It could be a CT jewel. Note to parents. Keep a eye on ur kids at all times, especially the very small ones (6 and under) lots of quick.tubes)


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