Is this the least informative story, ever?

gmeger, Flickr Creative Commons

There’s nothing I love more than to read a news story only to walk away with more questions than answers. For instance, I read this gem on NBC’s site today:

Suffield police have arrested a 54-year-old Enfield man for his alleged role in an incident in which three hunting beagles were shot and killed in November.

Police arrested John Lake on Jan. 2 on a warrant issued by Enfield Superior Court charging him with cruelty to animals by complicity, unlawful discharge of firearms by complicity, risk of injury to a minor and illegal hunting.

Lake was released on a $5,000 court-set bail and will be arraigned in Enfield Superior Court on Jan. 15.

That’s it. That’s the whole story.

Did this guy shoot his own dogs? Did he shoot someone else’s dogs who were hunting on his land? Is the guy just a loon who goes around shooting dogs?

The Courant clarified the situation, and scared the shit out of me:

His 13-year-old shot and killed three beagles while hunting with his father on Nov. 10, police said.

“He has to supervise his child,” Capt. Craig Huntley said Thursday. The son is not expected to be charged…

Dog owners whose dogs are off leashes and are chasing deer can be fined $25 to $200, he said. They can also be sent to prison for 60 days.

60 days in prison? Are you for real? First of all, if you’re using a hunting dog isn’t is supposed to chase shit? That’s kind of the point. And while I’m fully aware that your dog is, legally, supposed to be under control at all times — in public parks, that means on a leash, and in other places it’s more open to interpretation — I don’t understand why it matters if it’s chasing a deer or not. I mean, my dog has a deer chasing addiction… and if she runs off after one while off-leash I understand that I’m the one who will be responsible if something horrible happens, but again, I don’t see what Bambi has to do with it.



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