We’re all gonna get in a fight!


A few weeks back I got a text message from a mutual friend of the PrissyBitch and I. For Christmas her husband had given her tickets to see Pink at Mohegan Sun and she was, very kindly, inviting us to partake in her bounty. Since I have long imagined that Pink and I would make good friends/bar-fighting companions, I was excited to tag along.

Also there’s this: Once, several years back when we were in the woods of New Hampshire celebrating our friend’s 30th birthday, the PrissyBitch stayed up until the wee hours of the morning singing/yelling “We’re all gonna get in a fight!” and stomping/dancing around the porch with the Renaissance Man. Somehow, I got the blame for this. So it seemed only right that we should head off to see the Pink one sing this song live.

The casino is a…um…interesting place, and the crowd that flocks to a Pink concert is even more interesting. The crowd is older than you might have thought, though, from the looks of their wardrobe, age is just a number to most of these old broads. There were lots of fluffy vests, sparkles, ugly shoes, and temporarily pink hair. Oh and lesbians… a lot of lesbians.

The show itself was pretty awesome, though. Pink’s aerial gymnastics are verging on legendary. The show is half circus, minus the animal abuse. She did most of her hits, along with some new material, and even included a medley of what I like to call “Ghetto Pink” from her first album. She was apparently having some sound troubles and kept fiddling with her ear piece. During an acoustic set she just stopped the guitarist, told him she couldn’t hear what key he was playing in, and then finished up the song acapella.

But she saved the best for last. During the encore (don’t get me started on how meaningless encores have become), which was the song that gives this post its name, Pink flew all over the arena with the help of wires. Despite our seats being only a few rows from the back, she was no more than 20 feet or so from us at one point.

And if the PrissyBitch ever gets around to uploading the video, I’ll be sure to share it.