Plant a Garden, Donate the Surplus

As soon as the sun starts to shine for more than a few days in a row, I get Planting Fever. I start plants from seeds way too early, and end up with six inch tall bean plants on my dining room table long before the threat of frost has passed. And by the end of the summer, I have a small farm in my backyard — only instead of livestock, I’ve got cats and a dog. Some years there’s a surplus of tomatoes, or squash…last year it was tomatillos. I had so many I started mailing them to people.

This year, though, I won’t be mailing anyone my surplus garden produce. I’ll be donating it to local food banks. You see, I watched American Winter this weekend. Haven’t watched it? Well check this out:


I was thoroughly depressed, and felt guilty about every dime I’ve spent over the past few days (though I realize me spending money keeps the economy going). Luckily, though, a big chunk of the money I’ve spent was on plants at one of my favorite farm stands, Futtners. Among other things, I purchased some butternut squash, zucchini, corn, tomatillo, and tomato starter plants. (I realize I’m playing with fire, as a frost is still possible, but like I said, I’ve got Planting Fever.)

I have a lot more planting to do, but this year, when I have a surplus, I will use to find a local food bank that will accept my goods. I don’t know if people in need will be thrilled with my tomatillos, but hey, it’s what I can give. So, if you have a garden, think about planting an extra row or bed, and find a local food bank in need.