Lady kicks bear. Bear dies. We Blame Dog.

I am just going to start off by saying how annoyed I am by people who let their dogs run around willy-nilly and then get upset when a bear chases the damn things… And that goes for all you invisible fence people too. I mean, unless you’re going to spring for an extra collar for the bears and other wildlife that might walk into your yard, don’t be surprised when they chase Fido home.

I digress.

As you might have guessed from my tirade, some dog in West Hartford was out and about when suddenly a bear decided to chase it. It just so happened to be a mother bear and her yearling cubs, so no big surprise that it would chase away a (no doubt barking) dog. So the dog hightailed it back to its house, and when the owner found it at the back door a bear was also looking to get inside.

In a move of pure genius, she kicked the thing and claims it bit her  — though she only suffered minor injuries so I think she probably kicked the bear in the mouth and wounded herself. (I once accidentally swung my hand into the open mouth of a very large German Shepherd and hit my hand on his tooth. He certainly didn’t bite me, but it still hurt.)

So the poor bear and her cubs were tracked down, and tranquilized. The mother was then tested for rabies, and in case you aren’t up on your rabies testing knowledge, that means they killed her. You can’t test a live animal for rabies. You know what you can do though? Administer a rabies vaccine to a human who may have possibly been exposed. (And that vaccine is increasingly less awful than it used to be.) Oh, and did I mention that bears are pretty much never rabid… Like, your cat that probably just bit you for looking at it wrong is more likely to be rabid than a bear.

So way to go DEEP. And, the cubs were old enough to survive on their own so they were released. So they’ve got that going for them.

Moral of the story: Keep your goddamned dogs on leashes or behind fences.