Nazis come to Stratford

I’ve just about had it with people screaming communism/socialism/ fascism/tyranny every time they don’t like something. And now it’s come to Connecticut. Case in point, this dude:

Joseph Sincavage put the [Nazi] flag up on Sunday to go along with his American, Marine Corps and Vatican flags.

He said he feels there’s no other way to protest against President Barack Obama’s policies.

No other way to protest? Maybe not for the incredibly lazy and wildly over dramatic… Most people get off their asses, make a sign, and head to the nearest government building. But noooo… this dude chose to give money to whoever the hell still makes Nazi flags and piss off his neighbors.

Hey guess what, the mere fact that you haven’t been hauled off to jail for flying that disgrace means you don’t live in anything close to a communist/socialist/fascist/tyrannical country.

So I’ve got a solution for these people: Ship them to Syria for a few weeks. Let them get a taste of what it’s really like to live under an oppressive government.

In the meantime, I’m hoping a gaggle of ancient holocaust survivors show up on this guy’s lawn.