Dinner on Wind Hill Farm

farm1It’s been a busy summer around here, mostly because there’s been a lot of cool stuff happening. A few weeks back the Asian Persuasion and I found out about Wind Hill Community Farm in Glastonbury. Not only can you rent a bed of your own, you can join the CSA, or just pay a few bucks to get dinner at one of their many events.I was instantly intrigued. I like food and farms, so it seemed like a natural fit to me.

Last week I went with another friend–who doesn’t have a nickname yet–to a dinner at the farm, where Chef Jordan Stein from the Pond House was whipping up a three course tasting dinner with nothing but a glorified hot plate, a bowl, and some knives. The dinner cost $15 a person, and you can bring your own wine to enjoy with your meal.

First and foremost, I cannot stress enough what a beautiful setting this is. My pictures don’t do it justice, but you eat in a small patio-like area, looking out over fields, and gardens. I kept getting distracted by the birds, which included gold finches. But the food was nothing to sniff at either.

Chef Jordan started off with a green bean salad with feta, garlic, and lemon juice. He gave us a bunch of cooking tips — like put a bunch of salt in your water, because it’s the best way to get it into the bean. Up next was a tomato salad that used just about every heirloom tomato grown on the farm. It was colorful and delicious–putting my own tomatoes to shame, and my tomatoes are pretty damn good. Finally it was time for the main course: pork loin with a cherry and peach salsa, complete with cilantro. And like most dishes, the cilantro really made it.

That shit was GOOD!

We met nice people. I promised to trade an aromatherapist tomatillos for some fancy homemade soap. (Look at me, making new friends and whatnot.)

Long story short, don’t let the summer end without heading over to Wind Hill for dinner. I give it three salt shakers because this experience takes “farm to table” to a whole new level.