School psychologist gets into medical marijuana game a little too early

I know what you’re thinking, Nutmeggers: You just can’t trust anyone anymore! Not even the school psychologist. Oh, you weren’t thinking that? Well then it’s probably just because you haven’t heard about this story:

Narcotics officers found more than a pound of marijuana and $2,415 in cash at a local home Wednesday and arrested the residents, including a woman who told police she is a school psychologist, police said.

Residents Jessica Buggeln, who works at East Hartford Middle School, and Eric Buggeln, were taken into custody after the drug bust at 86 Stancliff Road.

I mean, as if it isn’t bad enough that kids in Glastonbury can’t turn around without getting hooked on their parents prescription meds, or use a gas station bathroom without running into a junkie. Or that kids in East Hartford can’t walk down the street without running into a pot dealer or this:

No lie, I really found this on the street in the East beat.

But now their school psychologists are getting busted for operating a drug factory… We have another take on it, though.

We think this couple was just getting a jump on the whole medicinal marijuana-thing. I mean, who better to grow a little weed than someone who works with messed up kids all day. Not only can she prescribe it to her patients, but she probably needs it herself. I certainly would if I had to deal with pregnant 14-year-old sociopaths all day.