The CT Farmer’s Market Review: Coventry Regional Farmers Market

photoLong ago we decided to end our Farmer’s Market season with a visit to the Coventry Regional Farmer’s Market. Considering this was apparently “New England’s Best Farmer’s Market” in 2012, it’s no surprise that it was also our favorite. (We kind of knew that would be the case, which is why we waited until the end to go.) This market is on the Nathan Hale Homestead on South Street in Coventry. There are people in period garb ready and willing to educate you about…well…something… We don’t know what, because we weren’t there to be educated. We wanted food. I’ve learned something about myself: I don’t buy fruit and vegetables at Farmer’s Markets. This is largely because I have a big-ass garden and the last thing I need is someone else’s produce clogging up my kitchen. Once in a while I’ll need something I do not grow — I’ve actually found my own personal farmer to provide some of those photo-2goods — but for the most part, I stick to buying dairy products and junk food that is vaguely more healthy by virtue of being sold at a Farmer’s Market. In this particular instance, I got a cupcake with apple pie filling at its center and bacon on its top from NoRA Cupcake Company — which resembles a post-apocalyptic ice cream truck. The Asian Persuasion bought some flowers and I discussed celariac root with a stranger. Neither of us knew what to do with one, even though I had one sitting on my counter at home. (I have since figured out what to do with it.) There were lots of dogs, including the cutest pair of Rottweiler puppies you’ve ever seen. Neither the Asian Persuasion or I could bring our dogs because hers is scared of photo-1its own shadow and mine would immediately commence trying to herd every living creature in the joint — including the ponies. We can see why seems to be everyone’s favorite farmers market. (We hear rumors that if you time it right, you’ll see a few WNPR personalities roaming the grounds.) It’s pretty big, with a horseshoe shape of tents, and two more rows down the middle. There are a variety of things being sold — from gnarly cupcakes, to micro-greens, to sweaters, to succulents planted in pumpkins (this doesn’t seem like a long-lasting arrangement to us). It runs every Sunday 11-2, from June-October. We highly recommend squeezing in a visit before it ends for the season. Coventry Regional Farmers Market Concept: A Effort: A Execution: A