Rob Ford vs. Connecticut’s Corrupt Mayors

I’ve been watching the Rob Ford debacle with great…well, interest isn’t quite right. It’s more like schadenfreude. I mean, c’mon… this guy is hilarious.


I don’t know much about the state of affairs in Toronto, but if crime is down and the budget is under control, I say leave Rob Ford alone. Well, maybe you should think about getting him a designated driver, but other than posing a danger to the public, I don’t see why he can’t be a great comic figurehead

When compared to Connecticut’s own corrupt mayors (and governors), Ford’s various substance abuse problems and penchant for hanging out with hookers seems pretty harmless. Let’s take a look back at our own sordid history, shall we?

Joe Gannim, Bridgeport

Many of you may have forgotten about good ol’ Joe, since he was convicted way back in 2003. Gannim was pretty run of the mill when it comes to mayors who do bad things. He received $500k in kickbacks from contractors.


At what point are we all just going to admit that the only reason anyone wants to be a mayor is for the kickbacks?

Philip Giordano, Waterbury

Another reason you may have forgotten about Gannim’s misdeeds is Phil Giordano, who was convicted of much worse crimes around the same time. (I think the FBI was probably spending an inordinate amount of time in Connecticut in the early 2000s.) Yes, while the FBI was investigating corruption charges against Giordano they found out that he was a sex offender.

Pictures of Giordano, a prostitute, and two girls (ages 8 and 10) were found during the FBI investigation. He is, thankfully, serving a 37-year prison sentence.

Eddie Perez, Hartford

This guy is probably more fresh on your mind, as his conviction came in 2010. It all started with a search of his house on boring old suspicion that he had work done on his house by a contractor that had done work for the city. But when the charges were finally filed they were more interesting “bribery, fabricating evidence, and conspiracy to fabricate evidence” charges. The story didn’t end there. He stayed on as mayor, and then more charges were added — this time based on extortion accusations.

Perhaps Ford is taking a page out of the Perez Playbook, because, like Ford, Perez refused to step down…you know, until he was convicted of something.

Well, that was depressing…let’s end this with more Rob Ford-inspired hilarity.