Hurry to “Christmas on the Rocks” Before December 22nd

There was a pretty sweet set at TheaterWorks for “Christmas on the Rocks.”

I started off this week at a conference in Boston. I ended up in a conversation with a local librarian who was, basically, besmirching the good name of Hartford. She scoffed at the idea that a friend of hers who had lived in Boston in New York had decided to move home to West Hartford (and eventually one of the Windsors). I briefly considered challenging her to a duel, but she was burly so I thought better of it. Basically, she was all, “What the hell is going on in Hartford? Why would you want to live there?” (Which, considering I had just told her where I live, was wicked rude). Well, there’s plenty to do here, and the Asian Persuasion and I recently took part in one of those many things.

We headed over to TheaterWorks to see (the world premier) of Christmas on the Rocks. It’s a series of vignettes that take place in a bar, where the grown-up versions of beloved characters from Christmas movies come in to get a drink on Christmas Eve.

Each vignette was written by a different playwright, including one from none other than the Mark Twain House’s Jacques Lamarre. I won’t ruin them all for you, because part of the fun is trying to recognize them, but my favorite was Cindy Lou Who. (If you can’t recognize a Who from a mile away, you shouldn’t be out in public.) She was foul mouthed, but spoke in Seussian rhymes. AWESOME!

Tiny Tim (another character that’s easy to recognize) was a bit of a disappointment…though I guess that was the point. Luckily, the bartender (who may actually be my favorite character from the whole play) gave the aging Tim a good talking to.

Anyway, the show was a lot of fun–we laughed a lot–and got good food at Sun Berry on Pratt Street (which I’m told SeaTea Improv’s Julia Pistell calls “a sandwich shop masquerading as a really great noodle place”) before walking over to the play. It was pretty great. I had spicy ramen, which sat in my stomach like a brick for hours, but that’s more about my own personal struggle with ramen than it is about the restaurant. (I also got a parking ticket, which just deepens my hatred for parking in Hartford.)

But don’t let my complaints about my stomach and parking stop you. Run, don’t walk, to TheaterWorks before December 22, because it was a fun show. But if you have kids, you’re probably better off heading to the Christmas Carol at the Hartford Stage. I’m pretty sure Tiny Tim isn’t a Teapublican in that one.

Three salt shakers because we love salty Christmas goodness.