Food Comas for Sale at Sorella

Sorella, Hartford's newest pile of a deliciousness

Sorella, Hartford’s newest pile of a deliciousness

Hartford is full of good eating, I don’t really care what you say. The problem is, it’s not always Downtown. However, the newest restaurant from the guys behind DISH and Dish ‘n Dat (in Canton, if you’re not familiar with suburbia), Sorella, is pretty damn delicious. In a space on the corner of Pratt and Main that seems cursed (Zula seemed to close down before it even opened), it’s a nice cozy size with a big brick oven in the back where their specialty pizzas are made with fancy ingredients that they talk about with pride on the menu.

Perhaps it’s because today is about -100 outside, but it was cold in the restaurant, despite the oven going. That wasn’t a good start for me, nor was the service. Our server came and took drink orders and about 20 minutes later I saw her wandering around, table to table, trying to figure out whose cranberry, soda and lime she was carrying. It was mine. It also took a while to order.

Nevertheless, everything was delicious. Even the bread and the creamy garlic aioli and artichoke spread that came with it. I had a daily special which had linguine, shrimp, arugula, tomato and saffron. You can taste the quality in every bite. The homemade pasta is a whole different animal than the boxed stuff we make at home, or you get stuck with at most restaurants. Even the arugula was more flavorful that anything I’ve ever bought at the store or farmer’s market. It was probably on steroids or something. The portion was a good size: significant for lunch but not so much that you wind up going back to your desk feeling disgusting. However, homemade pasta that delicious will send you into a food coma.

All of the selections on the menu looked amazing–plenty of choices for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. What I liked even more was that there were classics like a Puttanesca and simple pasta with tomatoes, basil and olive oil, but for the most part, they were interesting and fresh dishes. Even the pizzas were refreshing, including one with pancetta, butternut squash, brussel sprouts and pecorino that I came *this close* to getting. They’re also really, really proud of legal authenticity of their pizza. Read the menu.

So, I don’t want to hear any whining about nothing new or delicious coming to Hartford, because it’s here. Now, go get your food coma on.

Two and a half salt shakers because while amazing food is salty, there’s nothing salty about slow, confused service.