In Defense of Connecticut’s Dangerous Cities

So the complete opposite of congratulations are in order. Three Connecticut cities have made it onto the Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities list. All the iConnect projects in the world aren’t going to get people to spend time and money in Hartford if they think they’re going to die. So I’m gonna do my best to spin this!

Hartford Has It! But "it" is chlamydia...

Hartford Has It! But “it” is chlamydia…

Hartford comes in pretty low on the list at #24. Sure there are 18 murders, 22 rapes, and 511 robberies per 100,000 people in “New England’s Rising Star” but as a rich person from the suburbs what are the chances you’ll be a victim of one these crimes? Not much, actually. Let’s face it, it’s the people who actually live in Hartford who have to worry about this kind of shit… because the last time I checked, no one has been shot at the Bushnell or at City Steam recently. So unless you’re traveling into Hartford to buy drugs, or are stupid enough to leave your iPod sitting on your passenger seat while your car is parked on the road, you’re probably safe.

Over in New Haven things are looking wicked rapey. At #20 on the list, there are 13 murders, 42 rapes, and 650 robberies per 100,000 people. I’m gonna go ahead and say that the big increase in rape cases has more than a little something to do with Yale, SCSU, and UNH. Yale can hardly stay out of the Rape News (yes, that’s a thing…that I just made up). Where you have drunk college kids and a pervasive rape culture, things are bound to get ugly. But if you’re just in town for dinner, or brunch or whatever then the odds are on your side.

And then there’s Bridgeport… which comes in at an embarrassing #4 on the list. With 15 murders, 266 rapes (BIG ASTERISK), and 415 robberies per 100,000 people, things are grim in the Park City. (And this doesn’t even mention Santeria rituals.) In 2012 the city had to pass a curfew to try and curb gun-violence. The rape count though is skewed by a single person being charged with multiple-counts of rape perpetrated on one person. This all sounds awful, but the PrissyBitch has lived in Bridgeport for quite a while now–drunk most of the time–and other than a broken car window, and the occasional late night knock at the door by cops looking for the parents of a wandering baby, her time there has been relatively incident free.