(Possible) Faretheewell to The Crown Market

Get it now!

Many of you have probably heard that The Crown Market, a longtime family market in Bishop’s Corner in West Hartford, is closing. Probably. We’ll get to that.

If you’re not familiar with Crown, you’re either not a native Nutmegger or you’ve been totally missing out. While it is a family owned market, I doubt too many people do their weekly shop there, unless you’re strict kosher. Most of us aren’t, but there have been plenty of reasons to pay it a visit even if we aren’t Jewish.

The deli is amazing. When I worked at a homeless shelter in the North End, it was my treat for lunch since most of the places in the North End weren’t real options. Crown has made-to-order sandwiches with some of the best salads and schmeer (schmeers?). Think your regular egg and tuna salads, but also wheatberry, taboule, pilafs. Their hot food and grab-and-gos got me through many “I don’t want to cook because I’m single and lazy” nights in my early 20s.

They cater too–hummus platters, typical and unique warm hors d’oevures, crudite, and main events like beef, chicken, fish and lasagnas galore. Yes, I’ve used them for catering, and yes it was fantastic. Unfortunately for us, they are only honoring catering agreements through February 28th, according to their website.

But now, The Crown Market is closing, or on its way to closing. This part is a little fuzzy. According to The Hartford Courant, the owners of the building have been trying to work with the owners to help defray costs.

CuT favorite, Colin McEnroe, proposes CSK, Community Supported Kosher where folks own a part of the store and get monthly credit for product. How much kugel and gefilte fish can I get for $100 a month? I’m not kidding, I love gefilte fish.

There’s even a Change.org petition up asking the owners to renegotiate their lease and let the community help. I’m not sure business owners really want to treat their investment like a non-profit cause, but maybe it’ll make a difference!

Some comments I’ve seen on Facebook have implied that there’s some sort of kosher mafia made up of kosher food distributors that may be forcing stores like Crown to turn hefty portions of profits over to them. I’m not sure I buy this, but we sure hope something this hilariously nefarious is afoot.

Whatever happens, I highly suggest that you get your toochis down to Crown and taste a bit of awesome soon. Just in case it actually closes.