A Few Good Reasons to Move to Hartford

I have a real estate obsession. Whenever I get a few quiet moments, I pull out the iPad and fire up one of my real estate apps to start looking at property I can’t afford. When I discovered Landandfarm.com, I thought about quitting my job to surf listings full time. Today, though, I decided to see what Hartford had to offer in the way of housing, and I found some of the coolest, prettiest properties I’ve ever seen.

Here are just a few good reasons to move to New England’s Rising Star:

The Firehouse


I’ve always been jealous of those people on HGTV who live in old churches, converted barns, and fancy warehouses. If you, like me, love the idea of living in a home that isn’t a house, and have a million dollars or so to spare, then this converted firehouse is for you!

The Painted Lady


Let’s just be clear, I would sell my own mother to live in a house like this one. I love the mix of historic details and eclectic design. Even the chairs in this place are awesome! I want it! I WANT IT ALL!

The Classic


I’m pretty sure this is where Richard and Emily Gilmore live! After you’ve grown out of being cool enough to live in the Firehouse and the awesome Victorian, you should move on to this stately brick colonial that would cost you three times as much if it were in West Hartford or Glastonbury.