Mapping Connecticut

Lately the internet seems to be into maps. I can’t peruse Facebook or scroll through Twitter without coming across a map announcing something about Connecticut (and all those other states we don’t care about). If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve no doubt seen some of these already. If you don’t follow us on Facebook…something is obviously wrong with you. So, to make it easier on you, we’ve decided to collect those maps here.


I don’t eat a lot of meat, for ethical and health reasons. When I do, I try to make sure someone was nice to that meat until it was killed. That gets expensive, though, so basically I eat a lot of beans, eggs, and smoothies. But even I wasn’t surprised when I saw that Connecticut gets credit for the hamburger. Personally, I’d rather have andouille or whatever is in that taco in Arizona, but at least we didn’t get saddled with SPAM.


No one is surprised that the healthcare industry basically owns Connecticut. Drive by Hartford and look at the names on the biggest building and you’ll figure out that the insurance companies are in charge pretty quickly. I am, however, surprised that the health industries have any kind of discernible presence in wastelands of obesity such as Mississippi. And what the heck does it even mean when the real estate industry is buying influence in your state? But I think we can all agree that it’s better than having the energy companies running the joint, right? At least the healthcare industry has an interest in keeping us alive.


The thing you’ll want to take away from this map is that we’re not really on it. Because we have better things to do than try to alienate people based on basically meaningless distinctions. However, it’s pretty clear Maine is looking to get booted from New England.


David Guetta? I had no idea who that was until I Googled him and found this video. I have heard the song before, I guess, but never paid much attention to it. Personally, I much prefer The Shins or Kurt Vile… but at least we didn’t get outed for still listening to Linkin Park. We’re looking at you Arizona…

Well, that’s all the maps we’ve got for now, but assuming the internet won’t be giving up its data obsession anytime soon, we’ll be back with more!