Kappa Kappa Gamma: Not Exactly Out of the Ordinary

I can’t believe this, but I think I’m about to defend Kappa Kappa Gamma. First, some background…

When I was a student at UConn, a girl in my hallway told my roommate and I that she was  going to rush a Sorority. Our basic response was, “Whatever you do, don’t join Kappa Kappa Gamma.” But she paid no attention to us and ended up a card-carrying member of the sorority sometimes referred to as Visa Visa Master Card. The girl from our hallway, who I referred to as Mouskewitz (a la Fievel) because her last name was very similar — and it annoyed her, and as you can probably tell, I like to annoy people — was a walking embodiment of every stereotype you ever had about a wealthy girl from Long Island. She would be right at home on a reality show now.

Anyway… I got a slight twinge of excitement when I first heard that KKG was being kicked off campus. Apparently there was a “hazing incident” and girls were forced to drink alcohol and told to sizzle like bacon on the ground. First, I’d like to talk about completely unoriginal this is. Please see minute 1:45 of this clip from Dazed and Confused. 

Yeah…so…the girls at Kappa Kappa Gamma won’t be getting any points for originality.

It goes without saying that I was never in a sorority, but the Asian Persuasion was in one those co-ed frats for smart people, and a bunch of my friends who went to other schools were big into the whole Greek system. I would never join a group that humiliates and degrades me as part of the initiation. Nor do I like being told what to do. But if you sign up for Greek like — especially for a fraternity or sorority as notorious as Kappa Kappa Gamma (or Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the UConn fraternity that is also in trouble) — you kind of have to expect to be hazed, right? I mean, c’mon. That’s part of the deal. Should someone end up in the hospital, as happened with this latest incident? No. But can we all stop pretending like a certain level of hazing isn’t part of the lure of these organizations in the first place?

Hopefully, the next time a fraternity or sorority tries to rip off Dazed and Confused, they will leave out the alcohol and the paddles and opt to cover their new recruits in ketchup and mustard instead.