The Nose After Dark

If you regularly listen to the Colin McEnroe Show on Friday afternoons you are probably familiar with The Nose — a rotating panel of guests who talk about whatever happened in the news that week. If you listen to the Colin McEnroe Show on Friday afternoons and are not familiar with The Nose, you should probably see a specialist because you are having trouble retaining information. Most of the time The Nose panelists gather in groups of three (plus Colin) to chat in studio. But Noser-extraordinaire, rock star, and all-around party-animal Jim Chapdelaine had the fantastic idea to have a Nose party.

Chappy, courtesy of Chion Wolf

It also happens that Jim has a fantastic party yard — you know, the kind other people get a team of HGTVers to come and build for them over the course of a weekend. Pool, multiple “outdoor living spaces”, and a sweet ass studio where we got to watch Bee Gee impersonators and rock out. I’m jealous, my yard sucks for parties. But I digress…

Not all the Nosers could make it to the party. We were missing a certain Asian Persuasion, because she — for some strange reason — thought it was more important to take her husband out to dinner for his first Father’s Day than come get drunk and talk to a bunch of super smart people at Jim’s house. Go figure. James Hanley couldn’t make it, nor could Luis Figueroa or Jacques Lamarre. Somehow…someway…the party struggled on.

The thing about The Nose, at least in my experience, is that you often end up on the show with the same few people. So there were a good half-dozen Nosers I’d never met upon arriving at Casa de Chappy. My favorite thing about the show is getting to talk to some of the most ridiculously smart and interesting human beings I’ve ever met in the real world. So gathering most of these people together in one place was pretty awesome… except that we spent half the time stuffing our face’s with Jim’s wife’s delicious food. Then Elizabeth Keifer busted out those salted chocolate caramel things from Whole Foods that are basically crack for the foodie set.

It’s a wonder we got to talk at all.

I’m not going to tell you everything we talked about, because it’s none of your business. I also won’t tell you who was the first person to walk into a screen door with a drink. I will, however, tell you about the  genius idea we came up with for a “Nose After Dark” series in which we webcast our baudy, profanity-laced conversations on some channel not associated with WNPR. (I vote for doing it right here on The CuT.)

Would you watch a bunch of drunk Nosers ramble on (still more coherently than most of the general public) about whatever pops into their heads? Maybe you could just hold parties  for us, and we’ll come over and entertain you.

Anyway, if the Asian Persuasion asks, we talked about her all night.