Get to Hartford’s Free Movies After Dark Before the Summer Ends

Quint telling us all about his shark-related PTSD.

Quint telling us all about his shark-related PTSD.

One of the main reasons I started this blog so many years ago was to prove that anyone who claims Connecticut is boring is wrong. Or, if I’m feeling less generous, that those people are themselves boring. Lately, I’ve felt vindicated because I’ve been doing so many fun and diverse things that I hardly have time to write about them. For instance, a couple weeks ago, I convinced the Asian Persuasion and the Pilot to drag their newborn out into the hot summer night to attend one of Hartford’s Free Movies After Dark.

I always like free stuff, but I especially like free stuff when my cat is sick and I am bleeding money to deal with feline gallstones. GALLSTONES!!!!!! So when I realized I could see a movie in a park after dark for free, I was all about it.

We happened to see Jaws! Like any red blooded American, I saw this movie a bunch of times as a kid–though some of those times were probably actually the sequels. But I haven’t seen this piece of cinematic genius (at least according to one Dawson Leary) in a very long time, so I was totally pumped. Plus, I can’t think of a better summer movie.

Dr. and Mr. Gold came along as well and we all caravanned over to Riverside Park where we claimed our patch of land and waited for it to get dark. Grown people in shark hats milled about, children danced, and there was a tempting food truck/trailer. I was impressed with the turnout. It was a big crowd, but not so overwhelming that you couldn’t see or hear the movie. In fact, as it turns out, we weren’t the only marginally famous people there. Fellow Nose-panelist and entertainer extraordinaire Carolyn Paine was also there.

I’m not going to bother to review Jaws! because if you haven’t seen it…well…WTF are you waiting for? Honestly, you might get deported. But I will recommend that you get your butt to a free movie because it’s a good time. This week you can see Whip It in Bushnell Park.