Things to Do in CT: From Hare Krishna to Mapleleaf Farm

The day after I went to see Jaws! in the park, I headed to two very different but equally entertaining events. The Farmer saw a listing for Hartford’s Festival of India in the newspaper, and it promised free snacks and a chariot parade, so obviously we went. And then, when we were done, we took a tour of Mapleleaf Farm in Hebron.

The Festival of India was not quite what we’d expected. There was a smattering of tents, most of which were trying to sell the Bhagavad Gita in one way or another. There was also a vegetarian tent that tells you all about how your meat is poisoned with “pain toxins.” They were kind of preaching to the choir with us on that one, but even I found some of their claims a bit dubious. There was a “Questions & Answers” tent with nothing but an empty chair in it. We assumed this was an existential statement — or an unmanned Information Tent.

To our chagrin the free food tent was not open yet, so we were reduced to paying $8 for our delicious food at another tent. The chariot parade turned out to be a crapload of people pulling one chariot.


The chariot itself was pretty cool, though, complete with a cow balloon. The thing that we found most confusing about the festival was the emphasis on Hare Krishna, including the constant playing of a chant that is kind of calming/infuriating–but I also suspect it of brainwashing me, just like it did to Chion Wolf’s brother.

I was mostly confused by the lack of representation of the other religions of India like more traditional Hindu beliefs, Zoroastrianism, or Islam. I suspect this festival of not being entirely inclusive of the entire Indian population of Connecticut, but the food was good.

So we left Bushnell Park before we were converted, and headed toward Hebron where Mapleleaf Farm (one of the Farmer’s Cow farms) was having an open house. We got to take a tour that was highlighted by stops at the “poo pit” (which smells pretty awful–like, my throat burned–but probably less bad than you think it does) the milking room, and a whole bunch of milk-drunk baby cows.

Got milk?

Got milk?

I love a good farm but I love ice cream even more, and at the end of the tour you got a free sample of Farmer’s Cow ice cream and lemonade. I’m suspicious about the tea and lemonade they sell because I doubt anyone in CT in growing tea or lemons, but the blueberry ice cream was DELISH!

Once again, I admonish all of you who claim there isn’t anything to do in Connecticut! SHAME!