My Boyfriends Are All At Tangiers

Yes, it’s true. My boyfriends are all at Tangiers. They are not my boyfriends just because they are good looking, well groomed, nice, friendly men (they are), but because they make me delicious food. Ever since Tangiers Market moved to its new location on Farmington Ave. across from Tisane, they’ve been five minutes closer to my office. That five minutes has made all the difference.

The new location is no fancier than the old location, but it seems bigger and brighter. It’s always incredibly clean and well stocked with products from the Middle East and Mediterranean. Think dates and figs, Greek cheeses, falafel, couscous, olive oils, and delicious desserts. They even have bread from the Hartford Baking Company.

But onto the food they cook. The gyros are fantastic–made to order and grilled to delicious perfection. The hummus is creamy and flavorful and I could bathe in the baba ghanouj. While it may not be the cheapest

My desk lunch. You can't have any.

My desk lunch. You can’t have any.

lunch, it’s going to be a hell of a lot healthier than some greasy fast food from a place that doesn’t pay the employees a living wage. It also makes for a much more satisfying “desk lunch” if you don’t have time to sit in the diner-like setting (there really are only a few tables and a counter), or outside on the nicely constructed “patio”.

Be prepared to wait a few minutes if it’s really busy, although Tangiers has stepped up its efficiency as it’s settled into the new location. There’s also a great selection of really interesting beverages–some with no English to identify its contents if you’re feeling super adventurous.

Three salt shakers because good food and nice, good-looking men are always salty in my book!