Happy Birthday Colin McEnroe Show!

You may have heard that, last night, the Colin McEnroe Show celebrated it’s 5th anniversary at the brand spanking new Infinity Hall in Hartford. Something like 500 people showed up to watch those of us involved with the show humiliate ourselves on stage with a sing-a-long. Oh and maybe they wanted to get a glimpse of celebrities like Chion Wolf and Betsy Kaplan (the J.D. Salinger of Public Radio). Grayson Hugh and Polly were nice enough to stop by and rock out, and hopefully they weren’t accosted too often.

CELEBRITIES! You can see more like this at Courant.com

Here’s the thing about being on The Nose; you sit in a small room and talk to three very smart, funny, interesting people. It’s easy to forget anyone is listening, so when people acknowledge that they heard you, it’s kind of weird. It’s weird even when you know those people, but it’s borderline creepy when you don’t know those people. Carolyn Paine knows the most about this. She gets a lot more creepers contacting her than the rest of us do. But Luis Figueroa gets a lot of people telling him they like his accent. 

You can find more like this at Courant.com

So, yeah, it’s a little weird to go out in public and have people recognize you–or at least recognize your voice. Many of us spend our days in offices, behind computers, or in classrooms, toiling away in obscurity (except, of course, for rockstar Jim Chapdelaine, man about town Jacques Lamarre, and dance impresario Carolyn Paine). We are not used to being on-stage. But all the awkward conversations were worth it, just to hear Chion Wolf’s heart-felt speech, that had us all a little teary-eyed.

Best moment of the night. Be sure to head over to Courant.com to see the rest.

Also, as a quick aside, we went to Nixs for an impromptu after party. Good food. Good service. Check it out.