Two Wrasslin’ Cats in East Haddam

Last week was The Pilot’s and my anniversary. We decided to ditch the kid, take the day off and celebrate. It was pouring rain for most of the day but we decided to go on an adventure anyway. Our travels took us to East Haddam and Two Wrasslin’ Cats which purports itself to be a coffeehouse, art gallery, and cafe. We decided to try it for lunch as those Yelpers gave it good reviews.

photo 2(1)The atmosphere was lovely–bright and warm, with happy colors, tchotchkes, eclectic furniture, exposed wood beams, and fireplaces. There were side rooms where you could curl up with a coffee and a book if you wanted as well. The art was sort of what you would expect–nothing outlandish or revolutionary but colorful and what your eccentric aunt might create. However, I did not actually see two cats wrasslin, which was disappointing.

We both ordered sandwiches–I had what was essentially a Thanksgiving sandwich with turkey, cranberry and stuffing. The Pilot got the Reuben. The owner seemed to be training someone new and the process to order was excruciating. Both were friendly and upbeat but there seemed be an utter disintegration of communication with the two orders before us and ours. However, we gave the benefit of the doubt. Training is a terrible process.

Unfortunately, the sandwiches were a disappointment. They were done on a panini press, which was nice, but they were small photo 1and thin and the meat on both turned out to be cold cuts that were probably microwaved. They also weren’t cheap for what they were.

Following our slightly disappointing lunch, we did hang around and played boggle and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere (I won handily in case you are wondering). Most of our fellow hanger-outers seemed to be middle-aged women, but it looked like the Cats hold a teen coffee house, community conversations, and other themed events.

Two salt shakers because a cozy environment to hang out, drink warm drinks, play games, chat or read a book can cover a multitude of culinary sins. At least in my book.