WTF is Going on at UCONN?

A few times a year UCONN magazine shows up in my mailbox. An issue appeared last week, complete with giant, glorious buds of marijuana on the cover. Apparently they’re doing great things with medicinal marijuana up there. Good for them!

You know what wasn’t in the issue? Mention of the Fraternity vs. Sorority smackdown that ended with members of the PIKE fraternity using racist and sexist language toward the ladies of AKA…apparently over a rock. You know what else wasn’t in the magazine? They failed to mention that Jerry Springer is bringing some kind of dating show to campus

Frankly, I’m torn about which of these news items is more disgusting and embarrassing. But I am imagining all sorts of ways that these two news items could overlap. Perhaps the first episode of “Baggage on the Road” could feature the lowlifes from PIKE who would try to intimidate their fellow students (over a f*cking ROCK!?!) and they could reveal such baggage as “I’m a racist piece of shit” and “I once called my classmate a whore for trying to cover up my sweet ‘spirit rock’ art”.

Stay classy, UCONN.