Doomsday Prepping for Juno

As we all know10428028_10152504751131256_7315380781291982804_n from elementary school, Juno is a Roman Goddess in an incestuous relationship with Saturn. So it’s no wonder that this first real snowstorm of the season is named after this formidable female.

Since we’ve all been receiving warnings from CL&P about how losing power is a “when”, not an “if”, we realized that live blogging this snowshitstorm would probably not be possible. Unlike the brainiacs at CL&P, we realize that if you lose power, you can’t use your home computer. This fact seems to have escaped our electricity providers, as they give your home computer as an option for reporting a power outage via their website. This doesn’t seem to bode well for us as customers.

Since we like to purport ourselves as experts, we thought we’d share our preparations for the impending whiteness.

Asian Persuasion: Since this is our first year in a house with a baby, and well water (and no generator), this one is going to be a bit of an adventure if/when we lose power.  I’ll be charging batteries and filling tubs with water. I’ve already been stock piling jugs of water since this summer for some toilet flushing, and we have jugs of drinking water.

I have a pallet of oat milk (we don’t do cow’s currently), and bread, crackers, hummus, PB and Jelly, cans of tuna, fruit, etc. We also have plenty of chips, tortilla chips, pretzels, granola bars and other snack items. I broke down and got some jarred baby food in case my homemade stuff shits the bed and thaws.

Oh, and booze. We have a lot of booze. Probably an irresponsible amount considering we have a baby.

Obviously, I’ll charge batteries and have blankets on hand, as well as candles and flashlights. I’ve nagged The Pilot to pieces to make sure he gets gas for the snowblower as I can imagine that attacking 30 inches of snow will be like pitching a haystack with a shrimp fork.

To be honest, I plan on preparing like crazy because a) I am painfully anal retentive and paranoid b) I have this not-so-secret belief that if you prepare the hell out of yourself for something like this, shit won’t hit the fan nearly as terribly as you might think.

The Anti-Couric: A couple of weeks ago the Asplundh tree guys descended on my neighborhood and cut back all the trees. So, I’m hoping this means I stand some kind of chance of retaining power. A couple years back when this happened…

I managed not to lose power, even though Hurricane Irene kicked me out of my house for over a week. I’m fine with snow — even two or three feet of it — but my heat goes when the power goes out, and I have an electric stove. Unlike the AP, who decided to brave the suburban wilds of Connecticut and live life on the edge of modern convenience, I have city water but no way to heat it when the power is out. So, please, I beg you Ryan Hanrahan and whatever other weather gods are out there, “Please don’t let me lose power!”

There’s also the fact that I work from home. When there’s no power, I don’t get to head off to an office (nor do I really get a snow day). For the first day or so, I just say, “Oh well…” but if the power stays off, I end up driving all over the state looking for a Starbucks with electricity.

Really there isn’t much I can do to prepare for any of this, but, on the work front, I am working on getting things queued up for tomorrow. On the home front, I went to the grocery store this morning to get a loaf of bread, and some peanut butter and jelly. (It was busy but the shelves were not bare.) I got a box of crackers to go with the fruit and cheese I already had at home. Like a squirrel, I keep a constant stockpile of nuts in my house. It’s the only way to sustain life. I also bought a dozen eggs, even though I discovered that I don’t need them when I returned to my refrigerator.

Every device in the house is plugged in and being charged, and a little later today I’ll turn up the heat to get it good and warm in here. On a happy note, I finished a book the other day, so I can start a new one while cooped up in here. And I missed Downton Abbey last night so I can catch up on that while the snow falls. Oh…and I’ll vacuum, to prepare for a possible future in which I cannot vacuum and the cat and dog hair slowly takes over the world.