Hey Huskies, Quit Whining and Go to Class

Apparently the poor, precious students at UConn are upset about having to go to class in the snow. I lived on the Storrs campus for two years, and then commuted for two years. I have trudged through snow, and basically perfected my driving skills getting to and from school. I remember one trip where I had to repeatedly pull over on I-84 to clean off my windshield wipers because they kept freezing to my windshield. Another time, the only way I could even get into my car in the morning was to dump hot water all over the driver’s side door.

This is New England. If you want to graduate on time, class needs to go on even when it snows. 

I know, it can be hard to go from having your high school cancel class every time an inch of snow falls to actually having to drag your Uggs out into the snow for your 9 a.m. class. But get used to it because when you graduate and get a job you hate, you’re going to have to show up every day, even when it snows–unless, of course, you work for the state. Hell, I work from home–which is a sweet gig–but it means I don’t get snow days.

So quityerbitchin, put your big kid pants on, and get to class!