Save the Coventry Regional Farmers Market!

The hustle and bustle of a well-planned Farmer's Market.

The hustle and bustle of a well-planned Farmer’s Market.

The Coventry Regional Farmers Market has announced that it will close after the 2015 season due to health issues among some of its board members and volunteers. I feel bad for them and all but WTF? How is it possible that Connecticut’s biggest (and best) farmers market–which is basically like a mini-country fair with better food–can’t find new board members and some volunteers to help keep it going?


According to, “On average, 75 vendors and about 5,000 people attend the Sunday morning markets held from late spring to October, with a considerably larger audience during themed events.” That’s a lot of people! At least a few of them have to be willing to pitch in and make this thing happen.

If you won’t do it for the love of fresh vegetables, local meat, and events you can bring your dog to, then do it for Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf. Everyone’s favorite local NPR personalities will be lost without this farmers market. Colin has been holding out on starting a backyard garden because his entire social life revolves around farmers markets–especially this one–and without his weekly foray into the world of unpasteurized cheese and pork raised in Connecticut’s quiet corner he may devolve into the kind of person who does radio shows about toilets. Oh wait… Well, anyway, do it for Chion!