A Weekend in Old Saybrook

At the end of February I turned my manuscript in to my editor, and some day there will be a book with my name on it. I wanted to celebrate by spending a quiet weekend somewhere–and if you want quiet, there is no better place than Old Saybrook at the end of March, during some really unseasonable weather.

I rented a cute little cottage and invited some of my favorite people to hang out with me. I was more than a little worried that we might be bored in a shore town in early spring. If it were June we could frolick in the waves, or kayak, or at least sit on the sidewalk at a cafe. Instead, we walked around Old Saybrook’s downtown, and looked at their many home decor stores. We stopped in at the local Ace Hardware (which, apparently, contractually obligates franchisees to have a yellow lab in the store) to get some fire related goods, and then we headed back to our cottage to play the best game ever!

therapy the game

If you thought Cards Against Humanity revealed a lot about the people you are playing with, just imagine what a game called Therapy will reveal! You will also learn about many really outdated psychological studies — which is always fun!

I may sound like I’m being sarcastic, but I actually really enjoy a long weekend spent by the fireplace with nothing to do but relax, drink wine, and laugh. And Saturday’s spring snow just gave us an excuse to forget our foray into the world of outlet shopping, and head back to the safety of the fireplace.

As much as I good a fun-filled roadtrip, or an action-packed adventure to a foreign land, sometimes it is nice to just chill the hell out and indulge your inner pyromaniac.