Binging and Purging with Faith Middleton

I like to imagine some Saturday Night Live writer from the 1990s visiting Connecticut for a relaxing vacation only to stumble upon Faith Middleton’s Food Schmooze and subsequently writing the biggest sketch of his life.

Personally, the sound of Middleton’s voice sends me into a blind rage. Now, I’m so conditioned to the start of her show that I start frothing at the mouth and swearing at artisinal cheese makers every day at 3 p.m. But I am clearly in the minority on this topic, because people continue to support the show.

I’m starting to be concerned about the popularity of the show and what it might be doing to listeners’ psyches. You see, every Wednesday Middleton trots out her foodie friends to talk about stuffing their faces. And then, with almost the same regularity, she seems to trot out diet and nutrition experts to talk about weight loss. In fact, every time WNPR has a fundraiser, they like to replay these very episodes of the FMS and give away the diet books (or cookbooks) to donors.

It’s a demented cycle of binge eating, and diet obsessing that is starting to send me into a tizzy. Here’s a small sampling of the health and diet obsessed shows:

At some point, the food related shows were coming so fast and so furious on the website I couldn’t tell the difference between the Food Schmooze and the other shows. I’m not totally sure what my point is here, but if this continues, I fully expect more g-chats like this one:


  1. THANK YOU! I stumbled across your blog doing a totally unrelated Google search and just HAD to say — OMG someone else in CT actually dislikes Faith Middleton! I really thought I was the only one who can’t stand her.

    She has an almost cult like following it seems and I just do not understand why. Her voice grates on my last nerve, the music for the show sends me into blind rages, and the blathering on with her food buddies makes me want to give up food forever and figure out how to live on water alone. OK, well, maybe not that bad, but, yeah, I completely understand. I don’t like her either 🙂

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