Please Stop Complaining About Taxes


Earlier today I saw an article that said Connecticut is the worst state to be a taxpayer in. I immediately thought of another article I saw about Connecticut’s 3 major metro areas having the highest “well-being”. And I said to myself, “Self, these two things have got to be related!”

I’m not a social scientist, by I am an expert in correlating things that seem obviously related. On the tax front: 

“Connecticut was 47th in the nation due to its state and local tax average of $7,115.

That’s 26 percent more than the national average.”

It seems more than a little logical to me that those higher taxes lead to the sense of “social, physical and financial health” that helped contribute to the Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, Stamford-Norwalk-Beidgeport, and New Haven-Milford areas scoring high on those well-being tests.


I know, I know… you are all too freshly wounded from doing your taxes to look at this clearly, and see how those taxes help make Connecticut a better place to live (for everyone) but I think if you sit back and think about it, you might come to the same conclusion that I did.

And if you’re really stuck on that small government-libertarian BS, listen to this episode of This American Life. If you still don’t understand why taxes benefit us all, well…you can’t be helped.