Connecticut, the Animals Are Coming For You

For a while now, I’ve been taking mental note of the many sightings of predatory animals that are, frankly, taking over the state. I am mostly talking about bobcats and bear–though mountain lions are, no doubt, plotting our demise as well.

This past winter, hardly a week passed without someone posting a video of bobcats–including one taken in the Olive Garden parking lot in Manchester.

I mean, if you aren’t safe from predatory cats at the mall, where can you be safe? Not in Granby, that’s for sure…

A bear chased a couple of people at the McLean Game Refuge in Granby. They got away, and while a bear sighting in a game refuge hardly seems strange, being chased by one is pretty scary. A hiker in New Jersey–New Jersey for chrissake–was killed by a bear last summer. If you’ve ever heard of Timothy Treadwell, you know that bears do kill people, but the relatively small, docile black bears that live in the eastern United States are not known for being man eaters. The bears in NJ, however, are evolving and will soon walk more upright than the average Jersey Shore cast member.

Up until recently, we mostly just watched bears eat from our bird feeders and posted videos to the internet, but as the population grows, more people have been getting into dangerous confrontations with the bears. I’ll be buying my dog a bear bell before our next trip into the woods, and I’m going to have to stop visiting my grandmother who has a bobcat stalking her yard bunnies.

I suggest the rest of you just stay inside.