Criminal Minds: New Britain

Today I saw this headline pop up in my Facebook feed: “Police sources: 7 bodies found behind New Britain shopping center“. You might think my initial reaction was horror, but instead, I just got confused.

“Isn’t this really old news?” I thought. So I clicked through to the article and realized that yeah, it kind of is old news…but is also breaking news. You see, three bodies were found behind this shopping center 8 years ago, and at the end of April police said they had found more bodies. Now they are confirming that it was four more bodies.

You, like me, are probably wondering what the 8-year time lapse is about. Did the police miss the other bodies on the first go round, or has someone been revisiting the site to bury more bodies over the past 8 years without police–or anyone else–ever noticing? 

Whatever the answer is, it’s clear someone should call in the crack FBI profiling team from TV’s Criminal Minds. And while we might prefer to see this one

We probably really need this one

We may also need Gil Grissom to come out of his CSI retirement, because whatever the answer is to that question about the time lapse, it will be unsettling. For now the police are saying they don’t know if the bodies are all related, but they better hope it’s the same killer. The only think worse than one serial killer murdering women in your city, is two serial killers murdering women in your city.

There’s a $150k reward, so if you live in or near New Britain, you may want to watch this documentary. Then wonder if any of your neighbors remind you of the Grim Sleeper:

In all seriousness, seven women have lost their lives. Seven families have been torn apart by tragedy, and there are a lot of questions to answer. Unfortunately, real life isn’t like TV and Morgan and Spencer can’t use their relative gifts to solve this in the next hour. We may find out some answers at a 4 p.m. press conference, so stay tuned. Otherwise, stay vigilant.